Saturday, July 12, 2008

Women bishops

The English Church right now seems more interested in the topic of women bishops than it does in the upcoming Lambeth conference. There are a large number of "traditonalist" clergy threating to leave, as well as those in training--the seminary I lived in England in the 1970's, St Stephen's House, is a good example.
Yet another controversy for the CofE!

Oddly, for most the connection between gay clergy and women clergy has not been made, so that those who are accepting of women bishops are not always accepting of gay bishops.

This leads me to this picture of St Mary Magdelene taken from the St Alban's Psalter.
This work was done here at the Abbey sometime before 1123. It is one of the finest English medieval manuscripts. I realized this morning, that it was created just a few feet outside my bedroom window almost 1000 years ago! (Whenever I am in England my medievalist juices get flowing!).

The connection between this picture and the issue of women bishops is pretty clear. The early church had no trouble with women in leadership, why should we?

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