Friday, July 11, 2008

Safe Arrival

Laura and I arrived safely in rainy ol' England about 11 AM local time this morning. We were met by a Lambeth Conference welcoming committee at Heathrow who could not believe that we did not need their services (since our friend was picking us up at the airport).
We are now in the Deanery at St Alban's Cathedral, catching up with old friends and thinking about getting something to eat for dinner. We did stop in the cathedral to listen to the girls' choir sing Evensong--lovely! We are both a bit jet-lagged, but doing fine.

More later...


Theresa said...

Bishop and Laura,
I am glad that you made it OK and I miss you around here already have a great time. Peace Theresa

pax58 said...

Bishop Kirk and Laura,
Glad you had a safe trip and I hope you get some rest.
I read your article in the Tucson paper today, thanks for the good words. By the way, it was republished in The Lead.

Grace and peace,
Tim Lusk