Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ten Days and Counting

Are you excited? That is a question I hear a lot these days. The answer is yes and no. I look forward to meeting my brothers and sisters from around the world, but I also am a bit weary of being attacked by those who might find themselves at odds with the American Church.

As for accommadations--living in a dorm room with the bathroom down the hall will no doubt take some getting used to!

This weekend Laura and I "practiced packed" and tried to get our luggage down to a minimum given the new airline weight restrictions. The biggest challenge will be finding room for the vestments I will need--purple cassock for the trip to Buckingham Palace, rochete and chimere for photo-ops and for my preaching gig at St Alban's Cathedral.

I am sure that with all our check-lists we will forget something!

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