Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day Three--Catching up on housekeeping

Today was not nearly as busy as the last two. We had our usual morning schedule of worship,breakfast,Bible Study, then Rowan Williams did the last segment of our retreat together, this time in the "Big Top" tent rather than the cathedral. Thus far the mood is optimistic and upbeat. Although we have not come near to discussing any of the difficult issues, a lot of relationship building has taken place. More importantly, given the tone of the ABC's reflections, it would be pretty hard for anyone to really make trouble. 80% of the bishops of the Communion are now here, although one who came from Nigeria on his own was forced to return, apparently under threat from his Archbishop. This afternoon Laura and I caught up on email and reading, as well as doing laundry and ironing my vestments for the big service tomorrow. The cathedral will be full, and with 700 bishops in rochet and chimere it should be quite a sight. I promise pictures!


Pat in Phoenix said...

Thank you for your regular posts and for the videos, especially the interior look at Canterbury Cathedral. I'm watching several blogs and yours provides a view that others aren't able to give.
You may not be getting many comments, but we are enjoying your posts. God's peace, Pat

Anonymous said...

We had the same type showers in Taiwan and it was an, um, interesting experience! I envy your nice green view.