Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day Six--Happy Bishops

Despite what you may read in the press, the mood here is good. Our indaba groups are positive with some frank and creative discussion. As Rowan Williams said, "If it is true that the Anglican Communion is coming apart, no one has told us." I sometimes get the feeling that the "crisis" we hear so much about has been manufactured by the higher-ups, and that left to our own devices, we are doing just fine. Last night we heard an excellent presentation by Brian McClaren, author of one of my favorite books, A Generous Orthodoxy. He is an expert on the "emergent church" and he exorted us to turn our attention from the internal organizational disputes outward and reach those who are unchurched with the Gospel. My sentiments exactly! Since this afternoon was not very busy, a group of us who like organ music arranged to spend time with the cathedral organist to hear about the instrument, and even to play it. I'll send a picture tomorrow. We then enjoyed a meal in Canterbury--fish and chips and (ahem) that English dessert favorite, "spotted dick." I've posted a video of some spontaneous singing that broke out during lunch at the dining hall. Does this look like a group of angry bishops? (True, they are Australians).

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Pbro. Miguel Zavala Múgica+ said...

Dear Bishop Kirk,

Please, take a look of the two most recent articles in ANGLICANVM SCRIPTORIVM http://anglicanvmscriptorivm.blogspot.com/ . I took your bloggings from Lambeth and traslated into Spanish and added two explanations (in blue) for two photos. We would like to know something of Bp Lino's and/or the Mexican bishops activities in Lambeth if that is possible. Thank you for your time and effort to communicate and pass your impressions to us, and not only to your people in Arizona. God bless you for that.