Friday, July 18, 2008

Day Two--Video!

Today was quite similar to yesterday. After morning Eucharist and breakfast, we continued with our Bible study groups. We are beginning to feel a little more comfortable with each other and opening up more. Then it was back on the bus for the second day of our retreat at the Cathedral. There is a morning and evening address by the Archbishop. I've attached a video of the beginning of the afternoon session. Each address is followed by an hour of silence, during which we wander around in the building until we find a good place to sit or pray. The day ends with a shortened form of Evensong. The cathedral choir sings, and you might imagine, the music is a real treat. The ABC's address this afternoon was the most interesting of the four we have heard so far.. He noted that we were a wounded church and that healing would come not through legalities but through fellowship. He implied that just as "a disciple without a community is no disciple", so a bishop with out a communion is no bishop. This was an impassioned plea to get on with our work of praying for and with each other. After the afternoon session, Laura and I joined Ginger and Rob O'Neill (Colorado) for a pint at the local pub before walking back up the hill for dinner. Tomorrow we continue the retreat, but this time we will be on campus.


Pondering the Word said...

I'm impressed with the little video clip! So techno-savvy. It was great to have a little glimpse of the worship space and hear the ABC himself...

(terri @ st. francis)

Jeff said...

Cool video. It looks like Bishop Mary from El Camino Real is sitting in front of you. You are all in our prayers. Keep up the great camera work!!