Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day Nine--Smile..and Sing!

Two major events today worth noting. First, we all got our picture taken. It required an hour to get 700 bishops on a scaffold, and standing up there in the heat was not pleasant, but fortunately we all got through it with no one passing out. Secondly, the American Church had its chance to lead worship at Evening Prayer today. The service was a lively mixture of American music, featuring the Bishops and Spouses choir. The music fit perfectly in the rival tent where we are meeting. Sadly, it was so hot this afternoon (and even hotter in a tent with no windows) that people stayed away. The mood today has been good. The indaba process, which for a while seemed in trouble, has been retuned to be more responsive to our needs, and the meetings are going better. After worship tonight, Rowan Williams commented that the planning committee had decided not to change the schedule for next week, an idea that was floating around a lot. He also indicated that there we could expect to have some kind of document at the end of our time which would be more than simply--"We met,we had a good time, we have many differences yet to be resolved." We should expect something much more substantial and "prophetic" based on the feedback we were giving to the planners. That's good news--I guess. Tomorrow is break day. The only event planned is Sunday worship. We have our choice were to attend and we are opting for the cathedral and its glorious music. The Dean is also providing lunch for those who attend. Then we will probably walk around town for a bit, if it is not too hot. Laura reports that there has been some very deep and powerful sharing in her group. Some of the spouses have suffered terribly, especially in Africa. The stories of the torture, rape, and genocide that they have endured became so intense today, that the group had to stop. It was just too much to hear at one time. It certainly puts our puny problems in perspective.

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