Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's the Schedule?

Here is a brief schedule of the daily events at the Conference, which will be held at The University of Kent in Canterbury England:

Day by day at Lambeth
Lambeth Conference Daily Themes

Monday 21 July: Celebrating Common Ground: the bishop and Anglican identity

Tuesday 22 July: Proclaiming the Good News: the bishop and evangelism

Wednesday 23 July: Transforming Society: the bishop and social injustice

Thursday 24 July: The bishops and their spouses are in London

Friday 25 July: Discerning our Shared Calling: the bishop, other churches and God’s mission

Saturday 26 July: Safeguarding Creation: the bishop and the environment

Sunday 27 July: Hospitality in local parishes or at the Cathedral

Monday 28 July: Engaging with a multi faith world: the bishop, other religions and Christian witness

Tuesday 29 July: Equality in God’s sight: when power is abused (jointly with the spouses)

Wednesday 30 July: Living under Scripture: the bishop and the Bible in Mission

Thursday 31 July: Listening to God and each other: the bishop and human sexuality

Friday 1 August & Saturday 2 August: Fostering our common life: the bishop, the Covenant and the Windsor Process.

Daily Schedule

A typical ‘working’ day at the Lambeth Conference will look like this:

Bible Study groups of 8 (Indaba groups)
Coffee Break
Extended Indaba groups of 48 – including midday prayers
Free time
Self Select Sessions
Evening Prayer
Evening Meal
Free time (fringe events)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Blogging from Lambeth

Thanks to the tools offered through blogging, my plan is to post material here that might be of interest to those following our progress this summer as Laura and I travel to England for the Lambeth Conference.

This format seems to be the easiest to use, because it also gives us a place to post pictures and videos, and to get comments back from those reading the blog.

In the days ahead, I will also post some material you might find interesting about the history of Lambeth, and link to other relevant sites. However, the most activity will not begin here until July 11th!

I hope that you find this a helpful tool and an interesting site!