Monday, June 16, 2008

Blogging from Lambeth

Thanks to the tools offered through blogging, my plan is to post material here that might be of interest to those following our progress this summer as Laura and I travel to England for the Lambeth Conference.

This format seems to be the easiest to use, because it also gives us a place to post pictures and videos, and to get comments back from those reading the blog.

In the days ahead, I will also post some material you might find interesting about the history of Lambeth, and link to other relevant sites. However, the most activity will not begin here until July 11th!

I hope that you find this a helpful tool and an interesting site!


Ann said...

Thanks for offering this window into the world of the Lambeth Conference.

Pierre said...

Hi +Kirk
I've added you to my list of blogging bishops. Hope you have fun with this!
See you in Kent.

Pierre said...

PS: my site is at

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

As another blogging bishop, I'm really interested in yours — can we meet up early in Canterbury and compare thoughts?