Friday, August 1, 2008

Friday, con't

This afternoon's session was not quite as smooth as this mornings, but still very productive. Even though there is an overwhelming desire to keep together, there are some who feel that a Covenant agreement still needs to have some "teeth" that would enforce what we would agree upon. Of course, the draft Covenant as it stands now, specifically the Appendix section, would not work for Americans. It would be like signing our own death warrant! This discussion will continue tomorrow, but I am more optimistic than ever that we will leave with high level of agreement.

We have begun to think about the trip home. We may need another suitcase for books.

Let's see if I can find a good picture from the files to add some visual interest.

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hcmerrick said...

We have read your blogs daily, rejoicing when there has been accord and hoping there will be when there has not.
How lovely to hear the strong Welsh voice of Dr Barry Morgan when you introduced the members of your Bible Study Group. Originally from Cardiff, Llandaff is our home Cathedral and we make very effort to attend Evensong when we are in the city, as we will be at the end of Sept. It is a joy listening to the choir there (though a challenge to find a parking spot beforehand). We will continue to monitor your updates, keep you in our thoughts and wish you and Laura a safe return to Phoenix.

Ceridwen & Howard Merrick
Trinity Cathedral
Phoenix, AZ